Chief Financial Officer

Washburn Center for Children has an opening for a full time Chief Financial Officer. The Chief Financial Officer works closely with the Washburn Center for Children senior leadership team and directly with the Chief Executive Officer to provide expert counsel regarding the financial and operational performance of the organizational and strategies for its growth and development, as well as opportunities for efficiencies.  The CFO is a critical member of the CEO’s team and is a key advisor. The CFO drives the organizational strategy as it relates to financial planning and execution to achieve business objectives. This individual co-develops, with the senior leadership, the strategies to advance the vision, mission, and values of Washburn Center for Children. The Chief Financial Officer directs the financial management functions, studies and interprets financial and statistical trends, projects financial needs, plans and recommends courses of action to accomplish desired results and implements financial actions. The CFO directly oversees the department of finance including general accounting, budget and cost accounting, client financial services, financial planning and analysis, cash management, treasury activities, investment management, real estate management, materials management/supply chain and medical records. Areas reporting to the CFO are finance, information technology, facilities, medical records and front office.

The Chief Financial Officer is responsible for the development, interpretation, coordination and administration of Washburn Center for Children’s policies on finance, budgeting, accounting, treasury and investment management, internal controls and maintenance of records and procedures to adequately safeguard the assets of the organization. In addition, the CFO assists in all areas of planning, decision making, implementation and evaluation of strategies and initiatives.

This executive’s primary role will be to serve as the system’s principal financial strategist. This executive will contribute to the development and implementation of Washburn Center for Children’s competitive strategy and will participate in representing and promoting Washburn Center for Children to its many constituents: clients and their families, clinicians, banks, federal and state regulators, insurers and managed care payers, community leaders, and employer groups throughout the community. The CFO will be responsible for relationships with financial service institutions and for directing capital debt strategies. The CFO will be staff to the finance committee of the board of trustees.

The CFO will oversee the financial management of the organization, and will develop financial systems which measure the operating performance of all new and existing programs and ventures. This executive assists in the development and analysis of additional new alliances and partnerships for Washburn Center for Children, and will establish a proactive, continuous, evaluation process of competitors and potential partners.

The CFO will develop a well-conceived strategic financial plan that integrates capital and operational budgets; will thoroughly assess the services of the current financial operation, and build a state-of-the-art financial division which supports all the programs of Washburn Center for Children.

The CFO serves as the agency’s Security Officer, and as such is responsible for the organization’s Security Program including but not limited to daily operations of the IT security program, oversight of the annual and ongoing risk assessment process, development, implementation, and maintenance of policies and procedures, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and access of electronic protected health information and of monitoring program compliance as well as investigation and tracking of incidents and breaches and in compliance with federal and state laws.

Key result areas

  1. Develops the financial services vision, strategic plans, goals and metrics in support of Washburn Center for Children’s strategic plan and individual program and departmental initiatives. This includes formation of key performance indicators and the development of a culture of accountability.
  2. Develops and monitors the system-wide capital and operational budgets and priorities in support of strategic plans and goals.
  3. Maintains a system of management reporting that provides the organization’s programs and departments with timely and relevant information on all aspects of the financial services function.
  4. Develops and directs the application of financial, accounting and client policies, information technology procedures, practices, and programs, promoting an organizational climate of prudent stewardship and fair allocation of resources while empowering managers and employees to an appropriate level of personal decision making and accountability.
  5. Responsible for the revenue cycle activities which include pre-registration, insurance verification, registration, coding, electronic and paper medical record, billing, collections, and client billing customer service.
  6. Develops and implements the Board-approved investment policy. Provides staff support and consultation to the Finance Committee.
  7. Supports a strong treasury, investment portfolio and debt structure function.
  8. Manages all aspects of IT including strategy, architecture, operations, security and support. Establishes continuous improvement directives focused on using IT as a competitive advantage.
  9. Works with all the different Washburn Center for Children programs and departments, leadership and clinical staff to maximize availability of the right supplies, equipment and facilities at the right time in the right place and anticipates and monitors financial resources. Optimizes effectiveness of the purchasing function, including pricing and inventory control.
  10. Leads the educational effort to assure financial knowledge competency of all management.
  11. Supervises the Front Office Coordinator who also has responsibility for facility management
  12. Responsible for managed care contracting, and implementing and tracking of contracts.
  13. Creates a culture open to change, flexibility and transparency.

Positions Supervised

As supervisor of the following positions, this position:

  • Facilitates the selection, placement and development of new and existing employees
  • Conducts one-on-one performance communication sessions with direct reports to measure progress on goals, development plans, and provide feedback on progress on a regular basis, including formal annual performance communication
  • Maintains current job descriptions for all supervised positions
  • Maintains awareness of Washburn Center for Children policies and procedures
Job Title Number of Incumbents
Controller 1
Billing Supervisor 1
Network Administrator 1


 Required technical skills, knowledge and abilities


  1. Accounting knowledge to include
    • GAAP
    • Not-for-profit accounting standards
    • IRS requirements.
  2. Financial management knowledge to include
    • organizational budget preparation
    • organizational budget analysis, monitoring, and measuring
    • organizational financial planning and analysis.
  3. Treasury/cash management/investing knowledge to include
    • exposure to corporate banking
    • knowledge of cash management
    • knowledge of investing basics.
  4. Computer skills to include
    • working knowledge of personal computers and computer networks
    • working knowledge of financial software systems
    • Intermediate skill level in personal computing including spreadsheets, word processing and e-mail applications.
  5. Knowledge of the Washburn Center for Children organization to include
    • organizational history as a means of context for future leadership
    • governance and board relationships.
    • knowledge of client/stakeholder base and understanding of stakeholder expectations, wants and needs.
  6. Leadership/staff management skills to include
    • ability to utilize team facilitation and meeting skills.
    • knowledge of and ability to demonstrate quality principles.
    • knowledge of employment and EEO requirements
    • demonstrates support of Washburn Center for Children’s affirmative action program
    • knowledge of safety regulations.
  7. Project management skills to include
    • ability to direct and coach the financial elements of major project development in facilities and capital initiatives.
    • demonstration of efficiency and organization in personal work habits


Must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, or business administration. A master’s degree in one of the above fields of study is desired. CPA accreditation preferred.  Applicants must have 7+ years’ experience in accounting/finance and 5+ years’ experience in operations/operations finance/or execution of strategy.

Washburn Center for Children is an EEO/AA employer: women, minorities, people with disabilities, and veterans are encouraged to apply.