Invest in Building a Diverse Workforce

Help change a troubling trend: low rates of diversity within the mental health workforce.

Your investment in future children’s mental health professionals reaps rich rewards for our entire community. You will:

  • provide an inclusive environment where children can see diversity reflected in their mental health providers
  • increase access for people of color to enter the mental health workforce
  • create systemic change by making opportunities available for people of color
  • promote equity
  • provide on-the-job training and work experience
  • nurture the next generation of clinical leaders who
    will serve a vibrant and diverse city

Be a part of systemic change

You can have a critical and impactful role in increasing the cultural diversity of mental health therapists.

As one of Minnesota’s largest training grounds for future mental health professionals, we recognize our unique position to change the pathway into the profession. Increasing the diversity within Washburn Center for Children’s internship pipeline will ultimately increase diversity in the overall workforce of mental health professionals.

Building on a long-time commitment

This new initiative builds on the agency’s long-time commitment to fostering diversity and cultural competence. Pathways grew out of Washburn Center’s belief that it is vital to identify and create programs that progressively attack inequities. Join us in taking action and maximizing our strong commitment to training, development and achieving equitable programs.

Your investment in Pathways will highlight your commitment to education, children’s mental health and diversity and inclusion.