Let's Talk: Kids and Anti-Racism

Let’s learn together and build confidence to talk with kids about racism, so we can encourage and raise generations who value diversity.

“What can I tell my kids when racialized violence has taken place in our community?”

Children may encounter community violence in different ways. They may be a witness, see TV news coverage or hear adults and/or peers talk about these tragic events. Children are often left with many questions. Even if a child didn’t directly experience a traumatic event, it is not uncommon for children to feel anxiety and fear as they try to understand how these community events impact their lives.

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A starting place for when your child feels like they aren’t fitting in

Most every child struggles at one point or another with how to fit in. As social groups form in school, there are often several revered groups that kids want to be a part of. If a child tries to change her personality in order to fit in, they may struggle with her identity.

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