Washburn Center’s Board of Trustees announces leadership transition

Washburn Center for Children announces the future retirement of Steve Lepinski, long-time Chief Executive Officer, and the selection of Tom Steinmetz as the new CEO, effective March 2017

With gratitude for three decades of exceptional leadership, Washburn Center for Children’s Board of Trustees announces that Steve Lepinski plans to retire as the agency’s Chief Executive Officer on February 28, 2017.

After an extensive 14-month succession planning process, the Board of Trustees made the unanimous decision to select Tom Steinmetz, Washburn Center’s current Chief Operating Officer, as the new CEO effective March 1, 2017.

The next 12 months allows for a thoughtful, strategic transition of leadership. The agency will hire an Associate Director of Program Administration this Spring to take over many of Tom’s current responsibilities. In late Fall, Steve and Tom will begin transferring some of the executive roles.

As we get closer to Steve’s 2017 retirement, there will be a celebration to honor his exceptional leadership. Please join me and the Board in thanking Steve for his service as we continue to build upon the legacy he leaves for the 133-year-old agency.



Dave Ingraham
President, Washburn Center for Children Board of Trustees


steveSteve Lepinski has led Washburn Center with integrity and passion for nearly 30 years.

Under his leadership, Washburn Center has implemented a best practice model in treating children, become a leading community resource for children’s mental health in the state, and received national recognition for its services and training.

His efforts to build a new children’s mental health facility and his vision for the United Health Foundation Training Institute at Washburn Center positioned the agency for continued success.

Steve has also been a part of numerous community efforts to improve the systems that serve children and families in Minnesota. His dedication, expertise and impact in the field will long be valued by the agency and the greater community.


Tom Steinmetz, the agency’s current Chief Operating TOMOfficer, is a recognized  leader in children’s mental health within Minnesota. He has served in evolving leadership roles at Washburn Center for the past 15 years.

Tom’s combination of clinical knowledge, agency operations, the children’s mental health system and his relationships with key stakeholders has guided Washburn Center’s extensive growth over the last several years. Tom has led the creation and expansion of numerous programs, most recently the development of the United Health Foundation Training Institute at Washburn Center for Children.

The Board of Trustees and Steve Lepinski congratulate Tom as he moves into this expanded leadership role and continues to advance Washburn Center’s mission.