Licensed Child Counselors & Family Therapists

Our professional staff treat behavioral problems, depression, trauma and more in children, kids and teens.


A Sought-After Training Ground

Each year, 80 – 85 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from across the country complete internships at Washburn Center.

Our internship program ensures that the next generation of child psychologists and social workers are trained in a best practice model that will enhance their effectiveness and better serve children throughout their professional careers.

The United Health Foundation Training Institute at Washburn Center for Children

The United Health Foundation Training Institute at Washburn Center provides introductory and advanced training to children’s mental health clinicians, interns and professionals in related fields such as education, pediatrics, health care, child welfare and childcare.

The Training Institute’s priorities include:

  • Enhancing the emotional health of children and families
  • Increasing training opportunities for professionals working with children throughout the country
  • Develop a nationally recognized clinical training site for children’s mental health interns

To learn more or view upcoming trainings, visit: