Child, Kid & Teen Counseling for Stress: Parent's Worklife

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Life is busy and there is always a balance to be struck between working and making time for children. There is so much to do and so little time that sometimes taking time to spend with kids can be hard to do. Consider these tips to help make life as a working parent easier.

  • For young children, find good childcare. It makes both parent and child happier at the end of the day when the child enjoyed themselves all day long.
  • If at all possible, stager work schedules with the other parent to give maximum potential for the child to spend time with a parent. For single parents, consider if there are other people or family members who can share in caregiving.
  • Take time to find good babysitters. It’s important for parents to spend time working on relationships with a spouse/partner or friend. It’s also important to model for your child healthy relationships with people who aren’t family members.
  • Check in regularly with your parenting partner to be sure that both feel like responsibilities are shared and that the arrangement is what is best for the child.
  • Establish a routine that includes “work free time” when you provide undivided attention to your child.
  • If a child is too old for a sitter, a parent can try to find ways to engage them so they aren’t home alone. Sign them up for after school activities or play dates to encourage their social development.
  • Have a family calendar posted where everyone can see it. Put all important events on it and be sure to attend the events. Showing up to the games and concerts shows your child that no matter how busy you are, they are a priority.

Keeping life balanced is hard work, but it can be equally as rewarding.

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