Child Counseling & Family Therapists

Each year, 80 – 85 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from across the country complete clinical internships at Washburn Center.

The following resources help child psychology students as they learn the evidence-based practices of children’s mental health. The resources discuss child trauma and treatment as well as therapeutic approaches which have been incorporated into Washburn Center’s clinical programs.

Therapy Techniques Developed at Washburn Center

The Developmental Repair Model by Dr. Anne Gearity, developed in Washburn Center’s Day Treatment program, explores an intensive treatment model for working with young children who have experienced complex trauma and also have aggressive, disruptive symptoms.

Attachment Theory

Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children   –  Dr. Bruce Perry

Child Trauma

Complex Trauma in Children and Adolescents – National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Impact on Education

Children’s Mental Health Fact Sheets for the Classroom – Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health

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