Determining Child and Teen Counseling Needs

Sometimes caregivers need extra help – especially when a child is struggling.

When a child falls off a bike and breaks an arm, caregivers know just what to do.

But when a child’s pain and distress are on the inside, it can be hard to know when to reach out for help.

Here are a few questions to ask:

Does your child have:
  • challenges with sleeping, nightmares or a hard time falling asleep?
  • worries that make it hard to play, learn or follow directions?
  • frequent feelings of anger, irritability or rage?
Has your child:
  • witnessed a traumatic event?
  • experienced significant loss, such as a death in the family or divorce?
  • been encouraged by a teacher or pediatrician to complete a behavioral, emotional or developmental assessment?

If you answered “yes” and your child is struggling at home, or in school, Washburn Center is here to help.

Our licensed, compassionate therapists will walk alongside of you to develop an understanding of your child’s social, emotional and behavioral development and determine a path for healing. Learn more about Washburn Center’s assessments and services.


We build relationships with children, adults and families to assist during times of increased conflict, trauma and stress.