Finding hope along life’s journey

At age 16, Jon was beginning to discover more about his identity and the young adult he was becoming. He started to explore his trans identity, while working to educate his mother on pronouns, trans rights and how to navigate transphobia, homophobia and bias against sexual and gender identity.

When it became harder to manage, he struggled with depression, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. The demands on him to experience his own transition, face stigma and manage his mother’s reaction to his identity became overwhelming.

After a near suicide attempt, Jon’s Washburn Center crisis therapist supported him in managing multiple stressors. The therapist gave Jon’s mom a space to learn and talk, while paving the way for Jon to work on what he needed to heal. The therapist supported Jon and his mother as they navigated complex family and societal systems as he transitioned.

While his journey continues, Jon’s suicidal thoughts are less frequent, and he’s gained new skills to manage life as he lives into his full potential.