Healing after a Traumatic Experience



Healing after a Traumatic Experience

The traumatic collapse of the 35W bridge left Saiku living in anxious fear. Understandably so — he was one of the children on the bus when it collapsed more than five years ago.

Saiku was seen by Dr. David Hong, a Washburn Center therapist who used Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT) to help bring about a sense of healing.

When Washburn started providing TF-CBT five years ago, it was the first mental health center in the state to offer this evidence-based treatment for trauma. The model — and its significant impact on the healing process — has since become a best practice in children’s mental health in Minnesota.

Saiku’s story was recently highlighted on WCCO television. View the story and hear how Saiku wants to study psychology in college to help others who experience heartbreaking trauma like he did.