Learning How to Control his Thoughts and Actions


“I will be the boss of my choices.” It was a big goal for a nine-year-old, but Dajuan’s therapists knew it would have plenty of impact. The third grader was referred to Washburn Center’s Day Treatment classroom after his continued rage led to several school suspensions. Diagnosed with a mood disorder, he would often lash out physically and destroy whatever he could get his hands on: classroom displays, textbooks or desks.

Clinicians worked with Dajuan in Washburn Center’s intensive therapeutic classroom to help him learn skills to successfully function in a mainstream classroom. Therapists also supported his parents and teachers so everyone in his life consistently encouraged him to implement the self-regulation skills he learned at Washburn. After a year of comprehensive intervention, Dajuan showed significant progress in choosing appropriate ways to show he was upset. As he put it, “I can be the boss of my mad.”