Developing Strategies to Be Successful in School

Johnnie beamed with pride at his graduation from Washburn Center’s Day Treatment program – because he recognized how much he had grown.

Johnnie had a traumatic start to his young life, including domestic violence in his home. By the time he was removed from this instability and placed with foster parents, he had developed maladaptive ways of coping. He was frequently agitated and often became a danger to himself and those around him. Though he was only seven at the time, he’d become so out of control that the police and ambulance were often called to his school and home.



Prior to coming to Washburn Center, Johnnie was homebound – meaning someone came to his home to give him one hour of educational services a day because he had been kicked out of school so many times.

Johnnie entered the Day Treatment program, where he got three-pronged support. He spent half his day in a therapeutic group at Washburn Center. Therapists supported him and his teachers at his school and also in the family’s home – all so he could transfer what he learned at Washburn Center to the other areas in his life.

On graduation day, many people joined him to celebrate his amazing progress: his adoptive parents, his fellow Washburn peers, therapists and even the principal of his new public school.

Through intensive therapy, Johnnie now has the social and behavioral skills he needs to be successful in his public school. And, there hasn’t been police calls to his school in over a year.

Because of the individuals who support Washburn Center for Children, Johnnie is now a thriving 4th grader. Charitable donations cover the funding gap that’s created when insurance doesn’t pay for a 20 minute strategy call with a teacher or for the therapeutic tools his therapist used to help Johnnie process his emotions. Each year the lives of more than 2,900 children like Johnnie are transformed.