Sense of safety smooths out stress

For 3-year-old Sophia and her mom, a single working parent with long shifts, the last year was more than they could manage. Everyday pressures along with the pandemic created overwhelming stress for her family.

Sophia’s mom and caregivers sought help after a particularly scary moment where Sophia ran away from her day care center. Recognizing that Sophia’s behavior was signaling something bigger, Sophia’s day care provider reached out to Washburn Center.

For Sophia, this meant having the adults understand that transitions brought on big feelings that she didn’t know how to express. She often felt unsafe when she was without her mom for long stretches.

Through the help of her therapist, Sophia learned safe ways to manage her overwhelming feelings and her caregivers developed skills to make the transitions smoother. With a new day care plan in place, Sophia’s mom gained confidence that more stable days were ahead.