Volunteer to Improve Children's Mental Health

Volunteer to provide Minneapolis area families with affordable counseling and therapy services for children, kids and teens.

From volunteering at one of our special events, to helping with administrative projects, to organizing a collection drive, volunteers help further Washburn Center’s mission.

Please note: because of the confidential and sensitive nature of our work, Washburn Center does not have volunteer opportunities that work directly with the children we serve.

For more information, please contact Jessica Tilson at jess.tilson@washburn.org

    Help with a special event

    Washburn Center holds two special events each year: The Golf, Wine & Brew Celebration and The Washburn Games. From ongoing planning to helping on the day of the event, volunteers are vital to helping these events be successful in raising awareness and funds for children’s mental health.

    Sponsor a collection drive

    Because 65% of the families we serve have low incomes, buying basic necessities can put a burden on the family’s already stretched budget. Volunteers have organized drives to collect vital items for families, including diapers, gift cards, art materials, school supplies and toys.