Why Donors Invest

No matter what inspires you to support Washburn Center, your gift will have lasting impact.

Be inspired by what our donors have told us.

“For decades, Washburn has been Minnesota’s premier provider of children’s mental health services, with a commitment to the best evidence-based practices as well as top-notch training of the next generation of mental health professionals.”

—Marti Erickson, founding director of University of Minnesota’s Children Youth & Family Consortium

“I don’t want any family to go through what I did without having the help that Washburn offers. Children can’t function in the world without a healthy, supportive environment.”

—Ann Rizzo, Washburn Center Trustee

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We know the meaningful work Washburn does to help families every single day. Powered by love, it is work that nourishes our entire community.

—Ken Powell, General Mills CEO


“Where someone else sees a lost cause, Washburn sees a child.”

No matter how severe a child’s problems might be, Washburn Center sees a child’s potential —and our donors help children reach that potential.

 “By making good assessment and treatment available for children, Washburn saves the community a lot of money in future crisis services.”

Washburn Center is a wise investment in our community’s social and economic future. When children receive early mental health intervention, they are less likely to fail academically or enter the juvenile justice system.

“With budget cutbacks, schools aren’t able to address each child’s emotional needs. Our community needs a place like Washburn.”

Children’s mental health is community health.