Our vision: hope and healing for every child

Washburn Center has walked alongside families for more than 135 years, offering hope and transformative care as one of the largest providers of children’s mental health services in the Twin Cities. Join us in our vision to bring healing to more children – because every child deserves quality mental health care, for their future and ours.

A campaign to transform access to children’s mental health

This $4 million campaign will increase access to healing therapeutic care for 5,000 children each year – a 40% increase of Washburn Center’s services over five years. Your generosity will invest in technology that improves work flow and allows Washburn Center to hire 35 – 40 additional therapists to reach more families.

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A crisis of epic proportions — layered with a pandemic and community unrest

Long before COVID-19 hit, our community was experiencing a public health crisis and shortage of mental health providers.

The pandemic has impacted the mental health of all of us. And, multiple sources predict the pandemic will only deepen the mental health crisis because of the extreme stress of unemployment, social isolation and disruption of routines. After a family’s basic needs are met, their mental health is a critical priority.

Support for our neighbors impacted by racial inequity and trauma

Our community’s recent unrest and protests have created a disproportionate emotional and mental toll on families of color – including children. Acknowledging the impact of systemic racism on one’s mental health is critical to helping our community heal.

Children who experience complex trauma – like ongoing racism – often have difficulty identifying, expressing and managing emotions. Trauma negatively impacts early brain development, cognitive development, learning, the ability to develop secure attachments to others and physical health. Washburn Center is here to help and has been supporting children and families of color for years through its culturally sensitive mental health care.

Your generosity changes lives

  • Suicide rates have increased more than 70% over the last decade for children ages 10 – 17
  • Depression and anxiety spiked among black Americans in the weeks after George Floyd’s death (Census Bureau)

A compassionate investment that makes sense for our community

The need is real, and your investment is critical for our community and our neighbors. Your impact will be felt in a child’s life for years to come.