The United Health Foundation Training Institute at Washburn Center for Children: Equipping Clinicians with Best Practices

The United Health Foundation Training Institute will expand Washburn Center’s ability to provide advanced training and best practices to more clinicians in Minnesota and nationwide.

The United Health Foundation Institute at Washburn Center for Children will:

  • Enhance training for agency staff
  • Develop a nationally recognized clinical training site for children’s mental health clinicians (undergraduate, graduate and doctoral interns)
  • Increase training opportunities for other health service professionals working with children throughout the state and region



The Impact of Equipping Clinicians with Best Practices

Washburn Center’s clincial education program currently trains approximately 80 interns each year. The training program allows former interns, such as Dr. Renee Latterell, to offer high quality care long after her internship is over.

“My Washburn training influences every aspect of my current work from comprehensive diagnostic assesments to my understanding of parent/child relationships,” said Dr. Latterell, Psy.D., who completed an advanded practicum and pre-doctoral internship at Washburn Cetner, and  is currently completing her post-doctoral degree on the White Earth Indian reservation, where more than half of her caseload is children.

She also applauds Washburn Center for training in therapeutic models that she might not have otherwise learned, such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT). When Washburn Center started providing TF-CBT six years ago, it was the first mental health center in the state to offer this treatment for trauma. The model is now an evidence-based practice and a mode of treatment Dr. Latterell frequently turns to.

“Not all psychologists have training with children, so I’ve been able to share what I learned with other clinicians here,” Latterell said. “My post-Washburn experience has made me realize Minnesota is lucky to have a center like Washburn that focuses on families and children.”