Happy Bebe Moore Campbell Minority Mental Health Awareness Month! All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

This is purpose-filled work.

We are called to do community-based impact for kids and families. Working here is different: you can make a difference.

Ready to make a difference?

Take your next step into a mission that is:

  • centered on getting children and families access to mental health care.
  • working to advance inclusion, equity and diversity.
  • grounded in values — in thought, word and actions.
  • invested — individually and collectively — in learning and developing formally and informally.
Washburn team rallies in March 2023 for Mental Health Day on the Hill.

Staff spotlight

Washburn Center’s employees transform communities. We are solely focused on making sure kids and families get access to quality mental health care — when and where they need it.

School-based Supervisor Bonnie Brunette is changing how kids and families approach the ups and downs of their mental health journeys, while “helping the helpers” do even more for Minnesota’s scholars right in their living and learning environments.

See yourself here? Be a part of this mission.

You are the future of our mission.

We are driven to be bold and make things happen so that more children live into their full potential and families thrive. To do that, we value internships and professional development that creates opportunities for students and early career professionals. Our programs are structured to give you life-changing experiences, industry-leading supervision and development of clinical knowledge. 

“Washburn Center offers incredible opportunities for interns to grow and feel supported in that growth. I appreciate the active efforts to meet the needs of the organizational community and all the communities we serve. Washburn Center is a bright light of a non-profit, and a bright light for the Twin Cities.” 


Beyond shaping the future of the mental health field, clinicians of color are leading it. 
The Pathways program grounds its members in a community that nurtures their leadership and therapeutic skills. Created in 2017, this unique approach is part of Washburn Center’s expansion to its long-time training commitment to healers in the Twin Cities, Minnesota and beyond.