May is Mental Health Month! All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Family Focused

Strengthening the caregiver-child relationship in early childhood

Care for the youngest kids that deepens bonds and makes a lifelong impact

This early childhood mental health program serves families with children from birth to kindergarten in Hennepin and Ramsey County who:

– have social, emotional, or behavioral developmental needs
– have been exposed to stressful or traumatic events
– are experiencing environmental stressors.

The Family Focused program offers intensive family therapy on a weekly basis. Children in the program who live in Hennepin County may also qualify to be enrolled in the therapeutic preschool, based on their needs and availability.

Call 612-871-1454 to confirm availability.

Why your family might need Family Focused

  • I don’t know how to play with my child. I just don’t feel comfortable or enjoy it.
  • My child doesn’t listen to me and we are often in a power struggle.
  • I worry about our attachment. I don’t want to parent the same way I was parented.
  • My child experienced a lot of hard stuff and trauma and I worry about how it is affecting them.
  • My child is so anxious. They don’t want to leave my side. I need a break. It’s not good for either of us.
  • My child doesn’t know how to share, always wants their way and gets in fights with their siblings and other kids. Sometimes they hit me too.
  • My child can’t sit still and is moving all of the time.
  • Our child’s daycare/school is at risk because of behaviors. The teachers have asked to get my child evaluated.

What to expect as you build reliable connections within your family

Your family will receive therapy designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship, boosting functioning across all areas of development.

Caregivers are an essential part of the therapy process for change and healing and are always an integral part of the therapy sessions with the child.

Families bring their culture and life experiences along with their knowledge of caring for the child, as they partner with a therapist to develop a better understanding of their child’s needs.

Families learn to play together, build trust and establish the adult as a supportive resource for the child’s worries and struggles as they learn and grow.

Qualifying families

Help is here.

Families or providers can call 612-871-1454 to talk with our intake team and either be assigned a therapist or assess availability for the Family Focused Program. If families or providers are interested in more information about the program, they can ask to speak to a Family Focused Program Supervisor.

Children in Hennepin County may qualify for early childhood therapeutic classrooms. Family Focused has clinicians who provide therapy in English and Spanish. Interpreters are offered for other languages and communication needs.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 612-871-1454.