All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Internships and Practicums

Develop a solid foundation of clinical knowledge as you build a fulfilling career in therapy and social work

Access our career-changing internships

Regardless of the program they are placed, each intern will get first-hand experience working with children in need and supporting local families alongside both peers and experienced licensed therapists.

We train 30-50 interns annually including bachelors, master and doctoral students in the areas of clinical social work, marriage and family therapy and psychology.  

Interns experience incredible learning with access to client case consultations, engaging on multi-disciplinary teams and opportunities to attend agency trainings and groups.

Masters level internships work with students to support their learning goals, providing opportunities to apply classroom training with clients under the supervision of licensed clinicians.  Interns will have the opportunity to shadow experienced clinicians during therapy sessions or in our therapeutic groups as well as take on their own clients and hone skills in diagnostic work, treatment planning, case management and discharge planning.

We are deeply committed to learning and development and will partner with students and their school to support learning goals, building a strong foundation for work as a therapist in the field.

See how others are getting involved in Washburn Center’s internships by viewing our Internship Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data

Clinicians of color are shaping and leading the field of mental health

Current Washburn Center interns and staff of color are eligible to join the Pathways program, which grounds its members in a community that nurtures their leadership and therapeutic skills.

Through the program, clinicians receive a unique program stipend, social support meetings, innovative training opportunities and networking.

Pathways has flourished as it fosters connection, support and representation to new and experienced therapists of color. Learn more

Masters LICSW Track (foundation & clinical/concentration)
Masters LPCC Track
Masters LMFT Track
Predoctoral Opportunities

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Postdoctoral Opportunities

Check back soon to apply for the Postdoctoral Psychology Fellowship

Washburn Center has several internship opportunities that rotate across our programs and seasons. The application process for Summer BSW and BA/BS is currently closed as all internships have been filled . Check for more Information on Fall Internships in June 2024.

Washburn Center’s Services by Program

When it comes to therapy work with children, we understand it’s delivered best when done together with caregivers – and with understanding of each family member’s role within the whole family system.

Making mental health support less complicated

  • Our case managers specialize in getting families connected with the right resources for a child’s mental health, meeting you and your child where you are on life’s path.
  • Case Management is available to Hennepin County residents. All major commercial health insurance plans and Medical Assistance are accepted. Services are also available for uninsured Hennepin County residents.
  • Visit our program page or hear directly from our team

Washburn Center helps families access supportive services for at-risk kids, ages five through 17, with a goal of staying in the home and avoiding psychiatric hospitalization or out-of-home placements.

  • Families interested in Washburn Center’s Crisis Stabilization program must commit to 2-3 family sessions per week.
  • Washburn Center for Children’s Crisis Stabilization program provides services in Anoka, Carver, Chisago, Dakota, Hennepin, Isanti, Ramsey, Scott, Sherburne, Washington and Wright counties.
  • Crisis Stabilization services are available for individuals with Minnesota Medica (Commercial), Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota (PMAP/Commercial), UCare (PMAP/Commercial), Health Partners (PMAP/Commercial) or Preferred One/Aetna insurance. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles.
  • Visit our program page or hear more from our team
  • Washburn Center offers Intensive In-home therapy for families whose kids, ages six to 17, need intensive support to help increase stability and promote a successful home environment.
  • Active caregiver participation in treatment is required.
  • Washburn Center’s Intensive In-home therapy services are offered in all of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, as well as parts of Anoka and Dakota Counties.
  • Intensive in-home service are available for individuals with UBH/Medica of Minnesota, UCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Health Partners or Preferred One/Aetna insurance. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles.
  • Visit our program page or hear more from our team
  • Washburn Center therapists are currently serving in 50 schools in Minneapolis, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Burnsville-Savage-Eagan and several specialized settings.
  • Visit our program page or see which schools we are in. Click here for list .
  • Washburn Center’s early intervention day treatment program makes a world of difference for our community’s children in pre-school through second grade.
  • This intensive program provides early intervention and helps children in pre-school through second grade in the Minneapolis school district.
  • Visit our program page for more.

This early childhood mental health program serves families with children from birth to kindergarten in Hennepin and Ramsey County. Family Focused has clinicians who provide therapy in English and Spanish. Interpreters are offered for other languages and communication needs. Visit the program page for more.

The program starts with assessment, which ensures that the treatment plan is customized to each child’s needs.

  • Our outpatient team meets kids and families in three locations – Minneapolis, Edina and Brooklyn Park– supporting them through challenging times and helping find paths forward in individual and family therapy.
  • Virtual telehealth treatment is also available.
  • All major commercial health insurance plans, Medical Assistance and private pay are accepted for Outpatient Therapy. We are also able to provide services for uninsured Hennepin County residents. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles.
  • Visit the program page for more.

Washburn Center for Children’s Outreach Program partners with parents and childcare providers to assess and manage behavioral or developmental needs for children from birth to Kindergarten-entry

This service is free to families and centers/preschools (from the smallest to the largest ) anywhere in Hennepin County.

If your child or one you serve is struggling: call 612-872-3346.

Visit our program page for more information.

This unique model, pioneered by Washburn Center and Allina, pairs a family with a therapist who specializes in transitional support to families following doctor or hospital assessment for a child’s or teen’s mental health crisis.

  • WARM services require a referral from a partner hospital or clinic (Allina, Children’s Minnesota and Fairview/U of Minnesota)
  • WARM services are available to children and their families who live within 35 miles of Washburn Center (1100 Glenwood Ave, Minneapolis, MN).
  • WARM services are available to all children regardless of insurance coverage.
  • Visit our program page or hear more from our team