All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Day Treatment

Nurturing elementary-age wellness by building relationships

Kids build everyday skills in Day Treatment classrooms

When you walk into a Day Treatment therapeutic classroom, you’ll see the faces of kids who are working toward goals that are colorful and ever present. These classrooms yield extraordinary growth for the kids who enter. Listen and you hear the encouraging and gentle coaching of a therapist who is navigating tough times with an early elementary student.

Hennepin County students in preschool through second grade will follow a daily schedule under the guidance of therapists, who help them build skills that transfer into their community school setting. Kids will learn to trust teachers and adults at school, express their feelings in healthy ways, and handle the stress of being in school.

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Building social strength
and growing healthy

Washburn Center’s early intervention day treatment program makes a world of difference for our community’s children in pre-school through second grade. This innovative collaborative model focuses on repair through relationships, teaching kids how to trust, grow, and excel in elementary-style classroom settings.

This intensive program provides early intervention and helps children in pre-school through second grade in the Minneapolis school district:

  • Gain and improve independent self-regulation skills
  • Nurture pro-social behaviors
  • Learn to trust and rely on adult relationships for support

Kids gain new skills here – and put them into action at school

Children continue to attend their community school or preschool for a half day. Day Treatment staff work closely with teachers and caregivers to ensure the ongoing success of the child and to help them transfer lessons learned in Washburn Center’s classroom group to traditional school settings and home.

Day Treatment’s collaborative model focuses on repair through relationships. In addition to the child attending therapeutic group sessions, clinicians help children and families through pre- and after-care services, group and family therapy and connect with psychiatric services as needed.

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Insurance Information

A client’s health insurance, Medical Assistance and/or Hennepin County will be billed for Day Treatment services. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles. Uninsured Hennepin County residents may also have access to services.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 612-871-1454.