Nurturing Happier, Healthier Children

Our mission is to nurture every child and family's well-being and full potential through transformative children's mental health care.

When children with mental health challenges receive early intervention, they have happier childhoods, are less likely to fail academically, drop out of school or become involved in the juvenile justice system.

Mental Health is as Important as Physical Health

Washburn Center for Children is the state’s leading children’s mental health center, caring for a wide variety of children’s needs such as:

  • attention deficit disorders
  • trauma
  • behavioral problems
  • anxiety
  • learning difficulties
  • depression

One out of five Minnesota children will experience mental health challenges, yet only 20% get the help they need. Washburn ensures caregivers have a resource to help kids who are hurting on the inside.

Washburn Center believes a child’s mental health is as important as their physical health. Our compassionate child therapists help children develop the skills to be successful at home, in school and in the community.

Who We Help

Washburn Center serves children from birth to age 18. Last year, we offered hope to more than 3,900 children and approximately 11,700 family members. In response to the community’s growing need, the nonprofit doubled the number of children it served in the past six years. More than 65% of children we serve are from families with low incomes.

A Critical Community Resource

Washburn Center for Children has strengthened the Twin Cities community for more than 135 years. The nonprofit:

  • Is the state’s leading expert in childhood trauma
  • Developed a nationally recognized model for treating high-risk children, with the resulting research information being used by therapists across the nation
  • Provides quality assessment and treatment of children that incorporates evidence based practices, promising practices and new research — all to help children grow into healthy, productive adults

Our Service Area

Washburn Center’s three office locations – Brooklyn Park, Edina and Minneapolis – serve the entire Twin Cities metro area. The nonprofit also offers in-home services, and its school based program serves the Eden Prairie, Bloomington and Minneapolis school districts.

We’re Built Around A Story Of Hope

Take a brief stroll through our history.





A new facility To Meet the community’s needs

Cadwallader C. Washburn, co-founder of the milling company that has since become General Mills, founded the Washburn Memorial Orphan Asylum after a mill explosion left several children orphaned.

After the orphanage closed in 1924, the nonprofit began providing services for children in foster care.

Washburn Memorial Clinic opened as a mental health clinic, laying the foundation for Washburn to become the leading children’s mental health center in the state.

The agency changed its name to Washburn Center for Children and, in the following year, received the Nonprofit Excellence Award from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

Having doubled the number of children served, Washburn Center opened a new facility in 2014 that will offer more Twin Cities children a place to grow and heal.