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Intensive In-Home

Cementing a foundation for family function and growth

Gain an ally for your family

It is hard to know how to support a kid facing extreme or prolonged stress such as: suicidal ideation, family transitions/adjustments, grief and loss, attachment difficulties, trauma or other developmental stressors.

Intensive In-Home’s comprehensive model gives families an ally as they heal and grow together at home and in their community, helping to navigate the systems around them.

Washburn Center’s Intensive In-Home therapy services are offered in all of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, as well as parts of Anoka and Dakota Counties.

Call 612-871-1454 to connect to our intensive in-home team.

Healing families at home

Washburn Center offers Intensive In-home therapy for families whose kids, ages six to 17, need intensive support to help increase stability and promote a successful home environment. Our therapists collaborate with families in their own homes to offer comprehensive care that builds healthier relationships, improves family functioning and nurtures resiliency.

Therapists are experienced in working with complex family systems and are committed to creating a healing, therapeutic environment where each family member feels respected and heard. With a focus on family therapy, sessions can include the full family, caregiver only, or parent and child. Active caregiver participation in treatment is required.

Therapy is just the beginning

Families are getting life-changing support to strengthen relationships and rebuild stability with the help of a specialized therapist, receiving treatment right in their home. This intensive program offers families a longer-term, in-home option, delivering focused and consistent support, typically meeting twice a week in their home.

Services include:

  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Collaborative development of a treatment plan
  • In-home family therapy
  • Parenting support and psycho-education to increase awareness
    of triggers and patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Individual therapy/skills
  • School support
  • Recommendations for additional clinically appropriate services
  • Coordination of services with parents, teachers, school staff and other care provider

After nine months to a year, most families in the Intensive In-home therapy program move to a different level of support as their healing continues. Therapists help ensure a thoughtful and thorough transition to another provider or program, at times within Washburn Center.

Washburn Center’s Intensive In-home therapy services are offered in all of Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, as well as parts of Anoka and Dakota Counties.

Insurance Information

Intensive in-home service are available for individuals with UBH/Medica of Minnesota, UCare, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Health Partners or Preferred One/Aetna insurance. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles.

Fees for services vary depending on insurance and Washburn Center program.  You may be responsible for some or all fees depending on your specific insurance policy and the Washburn Center program.

Sliding fee applications are accepted and processed for families experiencing any financial difficulties. Payment plans are available for all families regardless of income.

If you have questions about an invoice or bill pay options, please contact 612-677-2899.