WARM heals families in the days following a mental health crisis

Washburn Acute Response Model (WARM)

You are not alone.

The first steps and days coming home during an acute crisis can be daunting. You can find hope in the therapeutic expertise of the Washburn Acute Response Model (WARM).  Experience the stability of having support of a WARM therapist in the days ahead.

This unique model, pioneered by Washburn Center and Allina, pairs a family with a therapist who specializes in transitional support to families following doctor or hospital assessment for a child’s or teen’s mental health crisis.

Now’s your time.

Ask for the compassionate care delivered by clinicians who specialize in helping families stabilize and develop a plan that is customized to your kid’s mental health needs and your family’s circumstances.

Families can immediately request acute responsive care through 15 Allina hospitals and clinic locations. Families can be referred by Allina providers and services or by calling Washburn Center intake at 612-871-1454. WARM services are available to all children regardless of their insurance coverage.

Set a path to more positive outcomes.

“My days were filled with so many unknowns, and I couldn’t always find words or handle the stress,” says the reflective 16 year old. Eventually the daily uncertainty reached crisis proportions. Jessie became agitated in class and walked out while uttering threats of violence. It’s tough to learn coping skills when you layer that experience on top of a diagnosis of autism and anxiety.

Even though staff knew these intense threats were due to escalating anxiety, they needed to protect her and other students. Jessie was admitted to the hospital where she was connected to the Washburn Acute Response Model (WARM) program, a unique partnership with hospital and emergency systems to support families after a mental health crisis. It was a pivotal moment in her journey to heal and for their family to collectively create new skills.

“That day was rough,” Jessie recalls. “But now, I know it’s okay to take a break, and it’s not a sign of weakness. I got skills, too, for not stuffing my feelings and making time to chill.” Heading on a brighter path, Jessie created a safety plan in partnership with her therapist and school staff. And, her mom learned to share that moms make mistakes too – and those mistakes can teach lifelong skills for how to repair and make relationships stronger.

For families undergoing intense stress, Washburn Center has immediate openings for acute responsive care. Families can be referred through Allina Emergency Room Centers, primary healthcare providers, inpatient units and by calling Washburn Center’s intake at 612-871-1454.