All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Outreach Program

Supporting and uplifting daycare providers in the community

Stressors show up in unique ways for little ones

When young children experience stress, worry and overwhelming feelings, it can lead to behaviors that look like aggression, frequent conflict with other children or adults, hyperactivity, inability to focus or follow directions, withdrawal from activities, separation difficulties and more. Some children may also experience developmental delays that affect their ability to benefit from learning opportunities.

Washburn Center for Children’s Outreach Program partners with parents or childcare providers to assess and manage behavioral or developmental needs for children from birth to Kindergarten-entry.

Call 612-872-3346 to confirm availability.

Innovative, onsite support and advice for childcare providers

While it can be hard to support these children in a group setting, Washburn Center’s Outreach Program can help.

By observing children in their childcare setting, our consultants join parents and childcare staff to learn about the child, identify helpful interventions and make referrals to other support services if needed.

We work as a team with families and childcare or school staff to support a child’s healthy adjustment and help to find solutions for challenging behaviors at home and in the classroom.

Daycares big and small have free access to stabilizing help

When concerns arise for little ones, it is important that all care-giving adults in their lives be on the same page together as they move forward. Our Outreach team can be a bridge between home and early learning settings to create real partnerships and progress.

Call 612-872-3346 to connect with our Outreach consultants.

Who we serve

Help is here.

This service is free to families and childcare centers or preschools (from the smallest to the largest) anywhere in Hennepin County. For more information, call 612-872-3346 and ask for Outreach to get started on your journey to compassionate support.