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Mental health supports make a difference for this school year more than ever.

No matter your position on the “right way” to do back-to-school during the pandemic, you and your family are likely feeling a lot more stress than when you prepped for last year’s school start.  Both kids and caregivers are weary after anticipating the news from the state, then waiting for what that means to them, and now knowing what the first weeks might look like. Yet, expecting that all… Read more »

A school start calls for hope and resilience

The transition back to school often serves up stress or anxiety. It would be an understatement to say this year is no different. On top of the common back-to-school jitters, this year mixes in uncertainties because of coronavirus. Students are now balancing so many unknowns, which can increase anxiety, sadness, and a sense of loss… Read more »

Pandemic Pushes Kids in Crises out of View

Downward trends in emergency rooms visits are revealing a massive gap for families who need help during a child’s mental health crisis. It’s among the troubling trends that Washburn Center for Children therapists have seen among youth in the state as a result of the widespread disruption of the pandemic and community trauma. With more… Read more »

Our community is shaken by George Floyd’s tragic death

Washburn Center is in mourning and is outraged at the tragic killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25. Our deepest sympathy is with Mr. Floyd’s family and all of our community members who are impacted by this traumatic event – another unarmed African-American person killed by a white police officer.
We may be feeling excruciating grief, immobilizing sadness or intense rage. This horrific event re-ignites the historical trauma of generations of systemic racism, brutality and discrimination.  As Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said, “Being black in America should not be a death sentence.”

Coverage broadens for families needing crisis stabilization

With the measures now in place due to COVid-19, families are isolated and facing intensified stress and anxiety. The more than 140 Washburn Center therapists quickly transitioned this Spring to provide telehealth services and provide continuity of mental health care for families during a time when they are navigating extensive change and disruption in their… Read more »

We’re all in this together

With the vast COVid-19 impacts, families are more isolated, struggling with job loss and economic stressors, and deeply affected by the pervasive anxiety that we are all experiencing. The more than 140 Washburn Center therapists quickly transitioned to telehealth services to maintain continuity of mental health care for families during a time when they are… Read more »

Joining children in moments of stress

Training Institute Director Lauren Nietz kicked off year two of Washburn Center’s Thought Leadership Speaker Series: Let’s Talk with her presentation, “We Repeat What We Don’t Repair: Being Present for Youth in Your Life.” As a practicing clinician, facilitator, trainer and instructor of early childhood mental health, Lauren highlighted the importance of joining children in… Read more »

Donor Spotlight: Tata Consultancy Services embraces children’s mental health and the Washburn Games

For the past five years, TCS has sponsored The Washburn Games, a noncompetitive sports sampler that gives children the opportunity to be physically active while creating awareness about children’s mental health.

Washburn Center has reduced wait times for therapeutic appointments

Anxiety, depression, trauma – Washburn Center is here to help families when they need us most. We now have reduced wait times for kids ages birth through 18-years-old for appointments via teletherapy for most of our programs, in particular Crisis Stabilization. Call 612.871.1454 for more information or learn more about our programs. We offer diagnostic… Read more »

Providing Children the Tools Children Need to Succeed

Washburn Center for Children invites you to help children start the school year prepared to learn by donating back-to-school supplies.

The impact of community trauma on our emotional well-being

An officer-involved shooting in Minneapolis on June 23 resulted in the death of a man from North Minneapolis. As an organization providing children’s mental health services, we recognize the psychological impact this incident has on the emotional well-being of our neighbors.

Celebrating our new mission during National Mental Health Month

In May, as we celebrate National Mental Health Month, Washburn Center is excited to unveil our new mission statement and core values: Our commitment to children’s mental health is stronger than ever – and our amazing supporters bring this new mission and core values to life each and every day. Governor Dayton and Mayor Frey proclaim… Read more »

Dr. Megan Gunnar discusses how a child’s early experiences affect the foundation for development

Washburn Center hosted its second speaker in the Thought Leadership Speaker Series: Let’s Talk on Tuesday, January 23 with Dr. Megan Gunnar

Launch of Washburn Center’s Thought Leadership Speaker Series

Renowned psychiatrist, author and professor, Dr. Henry Emmons, launched Washburn Center’s Thought Leadership Series: Let’s Talk on Tuesday, October 3. More than 170 participated in his presentation, “Cultivating the roots of resiliency by nurturing our mind, body and heart.” Throughout the evening, Dr. Emmons expressed the importance of having a strong mind-body-heart balance to build… Read more »

A response to Charlottesville

We are deeply saddened, appalled and outraged by the violence, bigotry and hate displayed by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia

A new program for quick access to care

Designed to decrease wait times for child therapy sessions, Washburn Center for Children recently launched the Quick Access program in partnership with Medica.

Meet Washburn Center’s new CEO, Tom Steinmetz

Meet Washburn Center’s new CEO, Tom Steinmetz

Mental health is critical to students’ academic success

In fourth grade, Markos started to struggle socially with his classmates. His once easy friendships became strained with fear and behavioral outbursts.

A response to tragic shootings

Washburn Center for Children is deeply devastated by the recent shootings which have traumatized our local communities and our country. Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to the families of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philandro Castile in St. Paul – two fathers, two African-American men who were killed by police officers in front of their children.

A message from Washburn Center

Washburn Center for Children is deeply saddened by the horrific act of terrorism in Orlando Florida, which resulted in the deadliest mass shooting in US History.

Research Highlights Washburn Center’s Impact on Children

A new report released by the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare (CASCW) at the University of Minnesota shows that Washburn Center “has a significant impact on the well-being of children in Minnesota.”

The recent events in our community

At Washburn Center for Children, we understand the tragic death of Jamar Clark and escalating events in North Minneapolis have deeply impacted the children we serve, their families, our community partners and the greater community

Youth Making a Difference

Simone and Eliana Pierotti lead the way on an inspiring endeavor ­—youth philanthropy.