Internships and Practicums

Our Mental Health Interns develop a solid foundation of clinical knowledge as they build careers in therapy and social work. Our unique program offers collaborative practicums and placements to graduate students studying counseling, education, psychology, marriage and family therapy or social work.

Actively improve the lives of MN kids

Regardless of where Interns are placed, each student will get first-hand experience working with children in need and supporting local families alongside both peers and long-time social work leaders.

You will gain hands-on training in individual, family and/or group therapy, as well as case management, and Interns will focus on center-based, home-based, or school-based therapy.

In addition to case consultations and in-service workshops, additional learning opportunities for master’s level internships include diagnostic assessments, case management, development of treatment plans, progress notes and discharge summaries. No J-term opportunities are available.

With a commitment to high-quality, comprehensive training, Washburn Center is an American Psychological Association (APA) accredited internship site. For more information, please click here.

Click here for information on the Pathways Internship Program for prospective therapists and social workers identifying as BIPOC.



Masters-Level Internships

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