Happy Pride Month! All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Donor Spotlight: Tata Consultancy Services embraces children’s mental health and the Washburn Games

During this season of giving and gratitude, we are thankful for the many donors and organizations who support the children and families we serve – including Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization with headquarters in the Twin Cities.

“Washburn Center values our partnership with TCS,” said Tom Steinmetz, CEO. “So many TCS employees have stepped forward as advocates of children’s mental health – and their investment in Washburn Center’s mission has a positive ripple effect throughout our community.”

For the past five years, TCS has sponsored The Washburn Games, a noncompetitive sports sampler that gives children the opportunity to be physically active while creating awareness about children’s mental health.

Employees have offered financial support of the event and also wholeheartedly embraced The Washburn Games by volunteering and participating with their families. In September 2018, more than 35 TCS employees volunteered to help ensure a successful Washburn Games.

“The Washburn Games aligns with our belief that a child’s mental health is as important as their physical health,” said PC Thomas, ISU Head Retail North America – South and West, and former trustee at Washburn Center. “We recognize that helping children connect to expert therapeutic care will strengthen all the aspects of their lives: family, school and their participation in our greater community.”

Washburn Center’s grateful that TCS’ community focus and engagement in health and wellness aligns with our mission to nurture every child and family’s well-being and full potential through transformative children’s mental health care.