Day Treatment at Washburn Center

Call 612-871-1454 to see if our day treatment counseling can help you create a foundation for success for your child at school, home and in the community.

Washburn Center is one of only a few preschool and early elementary day treatment programs in Minnesota. This intensive program provides early intervention and helps children in pre-school through second grade in the Minneapolis school district:

  • Gain and improve self-regulation skills
  • Learn pro-social behaviors
  • Learn adaptive ways to rely on adult relationships for support

At Washburn Center for Children, we join a child’s perspective of their world, viewing this as both important and critical; centering mental health care to help them develop increased social, emotional and behavioral skills and functioning.

collaborative model focuses on repair through relationships

In addition to the child attending therapeutic group sessions, clinicians help children and families through pre- and after-care services, group and family therapy and connect with psychiatric services as needed.

Children continue to attend their community school or preschool for a half day. Our Day Treatment staff collaborate closely with a child’s teachers and caregivers to ensure the ongoing success of the child and to help the child transfer lessons learned in Washburn Center’s therapeutic group to their traditional school setting.

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A client’s health insurance, Medical Assistance and/or Hennepin County will be billed for Day Treatment services. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles.  We are also able to provide services for uninsured Hennepin County residents.  


Washburn Center’s therapeutic groups are located at its Minneapolis office.