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This FREE training is provided through a generous CLAS grant from MN Department of Human Services.

It’s time to change for ALL. Substance Use is a mental health struggle.

When talk turns to substance use, there’s general progress in avoiding judgment, moving toward grace-filled sentiment and understanding the mental health struggles behind it.

That grace has not yet extended to communities of color.

Too often, people of color do not experience the understanding and humanity afforded their white counterparts when struggling with substance use. When white people struggling with substance use, it is often described as a system failure but when folks of color struggling its often seen as an individual moral failing. This most certainly has impacts on recovery and the overall well-being of folks of color.

What you’ll learn

Attendees will gain a better understanding of the connection of mental health and substance use in all communities, learn the historical context of certain drugs and how there looked at in society and walk away knowing unhelpful ways to avoid and how to best support someone coping with mental health-related substance use.

Full Course Information:
Date: Monday June 24, 2024
/Check-In: 9:45 a.m. CT
Time: 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. CT
Location: 1100 Glenwood Ave,
Minneapolis, MN 55405
Price: FREE
Credits: 2.5 CEUs*

Meet this event’s incredible panel of mental health experts

Dr. Roseina D. Britton
CEO of Serenity Healing Counseling Center, Assistant Professor at National Louis University, IL 

Dr. Roseina Britton, NCC LPC, is the CEO of Serenity Healing Counseling Center. She earned her bachelor’s in psychology and masters in clinical mental health from North Carolina A&T State University. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa in Counselor Education and Supervision. Her specialty is individuals with anxiety, depression, and substance use disorders, and she has been providing counseling services since 2014. She takes a holistic and client-centered approach to people’s problems. Dr. Britton’s primary approach is derived from Person-Centered Therapy, and she also uses techniques from Didactical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).

Dr. Britton’s research interest includes HIV/AIDS, disability, advocacy, social justice, and wellness. Dr. Britton is a co-host of the DSM-Diagnosis Sitcoms and Movies Podcast https://thedsmpodcast.podbean.com/.

Amber Buck, MEd
Director of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Washburn Center

Amber (she, her, hers) began her career as a school counselor at Best Academy in Minneapolis. After a brief stint at the Northside Achievement Zone, she transitioned to higher education where she worked to advance equity, manage conflict, and build strong teams.

Amber has a background in speech and theatre and has used those strengths to present on various topics over the years. Grounded in trickle up social justice, she has spent her professional career continuing to learn and unlearn while encouraging others to do the same.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Management Communication from North Dakota State University, a masters in School Counseling from UNC-Chapel Hill and an MBA from the University of Oregon. She loves reading anything and everything, trying new foods, and spending time with her two children.

Dr. Shawn A. Parker
Certified Rehab Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Abuse Specialist Associate

Dr. Shawn A. Parker is a Certified Rehab Counselor, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Abuse Specialist Associate, who holds a Doctorate in Community Care Counseling and Traumatology. He currently works as a Clinical Director at a mental health agency over the child and family division. He has a passion for young people as well as fighting for equity for all, and as a counselor, he believes that therapy is a collaborative effort between the clinician and the client. While some may fear the perceived stigma of mental health treatment, Dr. Parker believes that learning about ways to potentially better one’s life is never bad thing. His theoretical approach is based on cognitive behavioral techniques and person-centered thinking which focuses on the idea that our thoughts are the foundation of our feelings and behaviors. “Through therapy and positive relationship building, my goal is to change the world one life at a time.”   

Curby Rogers-Mitchell, LPC
Licensed Mental Health and Support Specialist

Curby Rogers-Mitchell is a Licensed Professional Counselor who works for Galena Park Independent School District as a Licensed Mental Health and Support Specialist while simultaneously owning her own private practice, Resilien-C Counseling Services. Curby specializes in trauma, attachment disorders, relationship issues, personality disorders, and anxiety/depressive disorders. Curby received her undergraduate degree from Saint Augustine’s (Uh-Gus-Teens) University in Raleigh, NC in Sociology with a minor in Pre-Medical Studies. She then went on to obtain her Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a certificate in Behavioral Addictions from North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC. The foundation of Curby’s work within the mental health field is her belief in resilience. She believes that despite one’s circumstance, with the right supports they can find their own personal strength and resilience and create a life full of joy. Curby also is passionate about being a part of the change to end the stigma associated with mental illness or discussions of mental health within BIPOC communities.  

Curby is certified in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, trained in Eye Movement and Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brain Spotting.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her spouse, all things physical fitness, spending time with family, and being a member of the Xi Alpha Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.