All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Celebrating our new mission during National Mental Health Month

In May, as we celebrate National Mental Health Month, Washburn Center is excited to unveil our new mission statement and core values:

Our commitment to children’s mental health is stronger than ever – and our amazing supporters bring this new mission and core values to life each and every day.

Governor Dayton and Mayor Frey proclaim “Washburn Center for Children Day” 

Recognizing the impact Washburn Center for Children has throughout our community and state, Minneapolis Mayor Frey and Governor Dayton proclaimed May 10 – National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day –  as “Washburn Center for Children Day.”

“Washburn Center for Children provides therapeutic care that strengthens our state by addressing the mental health needs of children, youth and families,” proclaimed Governor Dayton.

Mayor Frey noted Washburn Center’s 135-year-impact on our community’s children and families:

“Children’s mental health interventions can make a lasting improvement by improving education outcomes, reducing juvenile crime and creating healthier, safer communities.”

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