Family Focused Counseling & Therapy

We offer Minneapolis area families with community-based family therapy services for children, kids and teens.

This early childhood mental health program serves families with children from birth to kindergarten in Hennepin and Ramsey County who have social, emotional, or behavioral developmental needs, have been exposed to traumatic events, and/or are experiencing environmental stressors. The program offers weekly intensive family therapy. In Hennepin County, some children may be referred to the program’s therapeutic preschool group depending on needs and availability. Currently, Family Focused has clinicians who are able to provide therapy in English, Spanish and Hmong. Interpreters are offered for other languages and communication needs.

What to expect in the Family Focused program

  • Therapy designed to strengthen the parent-child relationship while supporting children’s functioning across all areas of development.
  • Caregivers are an essential part of the therapy process for change and healing and are always an integral part of the therapy sessions with the child.
  • Families bring their culture and life experiences along with their knowledge of caring for the child, as they partner with a therapist to develop a better understanding of their child’s needs.
  • Families learn to play together, build trust and establish the adult as a supportive resource for the child’s worries and struggles as they learn and grow.

COVID-19 information

During non-COVID times Family Focused therapy is usually provided primarily in the family’s home. However, due to COVID-19, therapy is currently offered through Telehealth. While not always ideal for young children, our therapists have valuable experience and expertise in creatively engaging young children and adults over video to work through therapeutic needs with the family.


A client’s health insurance, Medical Assistance and/or Hennepin County will be billed for Family Focused services. Clients may have financial responsibility for co-pays or deductibles.  We are also able to provide services for uninsured Hennepin County residents.  


Washburn Center’s therapeutic classrooms are located at its Minneapolis office.

Click here for a downloadable, printable fact sheet about Family Focused