Happy Pride Month! All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

Giving caregivers support now

We understand that the waiting is hard. As our compassionate team works to connect you with care, you can tap into family and virtual resources to offer some support.

Service Availability

In a perfect world, there would be no waitlist to access care for children and families. And, we recognize the children’s mental health crisis is making that difficult.

As the intake process unfolds, we share resources that hopefully help you cope and plan.

Our compassionate team of intake, assessment and clinical professionals are doing everything they can to create capacity so you can get help soon.

Community-based programs with unique referral processes and paths.

  • Outreach Consultants can be contacted directly by daycare providers or caregivers in Hennepin County. Please call 612-872-3346 to be connected.
  • School-based services are referred through partner school social workers, staff and teachers. List of schools partnered with Washburn Center.
  • WARM (Post-E.R. support) requires referrals from partner hospitals and clinics, which include Allina hospitals and clinics, Children’s Minnesota and Fairview/University of Minnesota.

Family resources and advice for common challenges

Looking for immediate support and ways to help your child now? These topics are among the most common that caregivers ask and our team gives quick tips and more to help you and your child today.

Tips to find center before helping kids find calm

When moments or days get wobbly, sometimes we need a minute or more to get ourselves calm to help our kids. Adults are more successful helping a child regulate when we start with ourselves. Here are resources to help you and you with them.

We start with naming that what you feel is real and let’s get grounded to help our kiddos.