May is Mental Health Month! All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

May is mental health month. This month and every month, you can be the one to support kids you know.

Research shows it takes just one adult to change the course for a child.

Supportive families, communities, and resources can help youth build strong foundations for lifelong well-being.

  • In-person talks promote healthy mental development.
  • What’s your favorite greeting for your child when they get home from school or when you are back from work? ✔️ I love you! ✔️ Did you have a fun day learning? Or ✔️ I’m so happy to see you! Consistent and reassuring interactions positively impact a child’s mental health.
  • Start the conversation early: talking about mental health can help children and teens build coping skills and feel comfortable with their emotions.
  • Relationships and supporting environments are important help kids develop good mental health and manage life stressors in healthy ways. They learn from adults so be sure to take care of your mental wellbeing too!
  • Good mental health increases the ability of children and teens to practice self-care and face challenges with resilience.

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