Real Kids. Real Stories. Real Improvement.

Washburn Center’s mental health services increase a child’s chances of growing into a healthy adult. Our therapists can’t tell when a future business executive or future nurse walks through Washburn’s doors. All we know is our healing services open the doors to potential and possibility.

Restoring childhood

10 year old Evie shares her story of anxiety and how Washburn Center helped her manage it. She ends her speech with a performance of Vance Joy’s “Riptide” played on ukulele

Developing Strategies to Be Successful in School

Johnnie beamed with pride at his graduation from Washburn Center’s Day Treatment program – because he recognized how much he had grown.

Restoring Happiness and an Interest in School

Mia achieved her goal of missing only five days of school last semester. It was a milestone enthusiastically celebrated by the eighth grader’s mom, teachers and Washburn therapist.

Healing after a Traumatic Experience

The traumatic collapse of the 35W bridge left Saiku living in anxious fear. See how his therapy at Washburn helped him cope with the traumatic experience.

Restoring a Sense of Well-Being After Trauma

Natasha has worked hard to conquer her once paralyzing fear. The 14-year-old was standing on the corner waiting for the…

Learning How to Control his Thoughts and Actions

“I will be the boss of my choices.” It was a big goal for a nine-year-old, but Dajuan’s therapists knew…