All kids deserve kind, safe, welcoming places to grow.

We’re all in this together

With the vast COVid-19 impacts, families are more isolated, struggling with job loss and economic stressors, and deeply affected by the pervasive anxiety that we are all experiencing. The more than 140 Washburn Center therapists quickly transitioned to telehealth services to maintain continuity of mental health care for families during a time when they are navigating many other changes and disruptions in their lives.

Wendy, is a mother of two children, whose family has leaned on Washburn services. In the midst of May’s mental health awareness, she shares what she is doing, as a parent, to cope with the stress of COVid-19.

Here are the six things the family is doing to keep things fun and engaging at home:

  • Movie night: Friday is movie night and they order take-out. This gives the kids something to look forward to every week and the parents can have a break from cooking.
  • Family Meals: They take advantage of the opportunity to have family meals. Wendy’s been cooking many different dishes including pancakes, pannekoken, beef stroganoff and enchilada chicken casserole.
  • Outside time: It’s important for kids to expend their energy and have a change of scenery:
    • Her son (16) has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum and enjoys biking from five to 10 miles a day.
    • Her daughter (14) has an ADHD diagnosis and enjoys walking their dog  from three to 10 miles a day.
  • COVid-19: The family is not making the virus outbreak a central topic in the household. Instead focusing on making it more peaceful without the constant news. The parents check in with their kids to see how they are doing and encourage them to ask any questions.
  • Spirituality: The family attends virtual church every morning and prays together. This daily ritual creates consistency and helps the family connect before the day begins.
  • Spontaneous fun: A lot of the kid’s fun things are gone, so they try to do spontaneous things.  Last week, they ventured out to get an orange shake (a seasonal shake) that’s a favorite for the kids. It helps add a fun factor that they are all missing now.

We’re all in this together.  The more we can support one another, the better. Call someone to say hi or write a note.  We can spread light during this challenging time by giving back and supporting one another.